PORSCHE classic 911 coupe 1968 Sportomatic

PORSCHE classic  911 coupe 1968 Sportomatic

This is a real one of a kind. This un restored 911, as far as we can Judge for approx 90% in its original paint, with a sportomatic gear box survived the restoration and paint job. Very nice burgundy colour with patina. This car should not be repainted.
Untouched car, with Original interior in Ivory leatherette, original engine, lots of documentation. Matching numbers.
Very nice are the wordings in gold on the back lid. (only therefore you would buy it )

sportomatic, with gear shift however no clutch pedal, makes driving a Porsche something special.

many cars have been converted to a manual gearbox, as this was “the real thing”.  We believe, driving with the Sportomatic is a real thing…… it looks easy but you need to become familiar with it.


more pictures to follow